Drinking Water

A sufficient supply of clean, clear and unadulterated drinking water is one of the most important bases for life for people, animals and plants. It is also an essential basis for efficient land and cattle farming; without water, they would simply be unimaginable.

One of the most important preconditions for this is a network for the transport of drinking water that ensures without any doubt that the water reaches the consumer in a hygienically perfect state, without any loss along the way.

Pipelines made from ductile iron, which has been produced and successfully marketed by TRM for decades, are ideally suited for this. Capital cities like Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest and other cities and municipalities with their high demands on the quality of their water networks have been relying on TRM’s materials and know-how for decades.

TRM’s pipe systems stand out for the following properties:

  • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
  • Inside lining: guaranteed, germ-free transport of drinking water; the material does not age; meets purity requirements; no plastic additives
  • Outside coating: sustainable design thanks to zinc and PUR or epoxy coating, as well as special coatings
  • VRS®-Tiroflex connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture

What TRM offers:

  • Support through trained and experienced employees, as well as technical service during all phases of a pipeline project
  • Holistic understanding of the pipeline system
  • Optimum flexibility and capacity to deliver through an appropriate stock of standard products
  • Tried-and-tested quality for decades
  • Certified for conformity with ISO 9001