Snow on the ground and sunshine radiating from a deep blue sky – that is our ideal picture of winter. Despite all the prophecies of doom, visitor numbers to the Alps are increasing. Alpine operators seem to be less and less reliant on the fates. Attractive winter sports centers are increasingly turning to making base snow instead.

Snow security is an absolute precondition for cost-effective winter tourism because global warming won’t stop before it reaches the Alps. Numerous studies have also shown that in technically developed systems and when handled correctly, the generation of base snow does not have any adverse impact on nature and the environment because the generation process mimics a natural procedure. The water, which is sprayed in the finest particles, crystallizes to form snow. The difference between natural snow and base snow is that the former is created in the clouds and drops to the ground as flakes, whereas base snow is created on the ground. From a chemical perspective, they are both frozen water.

In the course of ongoing innovation, the company ventured into snow making systems in 1986. Planners, operators and snow generators are always looking for robust, reliable and easy-to-operate pipeline systems that can withstand pressures of up to 100 bar without any problems. These criteria are met to optimum effect by nodular cast-iron pipes from TRM. Ductile cast iron is characterized by high mechanical properties. The restraint socket joint that has been developed by the market leader in supply pipelines made from ductile cast iron ensures absolute integrity against leaks, even under very heavy loads. Even at a pressure of up to 100 bar, subsidence, land movements, erosion and forces created by internal pressure are absorbed with great safety by the patented VRS®-TIROFLEX connection. Savings can be made on fittings as the pipes can be bent to angles of up to 5°. Pipes can be routed in a way that is good for the environment thanks to the open-closed method, in which the excavated material is used to refill the trenches. Optimum cost efficiency is achieved through the quick and easy, and thus cost-efficient, laying of pipes, which can take place whatever the weather, and which does not necessitate any welding. Up to 400 m of pipe can be laid in one day. The dismantling is also similarly uncomplicated and equally cost-effective – technically and economically the most efficient pipe system on the market.

TRM is a member of various quality-assurance associations, and all cast-iron products are monitored for compliance with EN quality standards. Competent sales personnel will advise you during the planning stage as well as directly on site later on, enabling you to benefit from their technical expertise and decades of experience.

TRM’s pipeline systems stand out because they boast the following properties, among other things:

  • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
  • Inside lining: guaranteed, germ-free transport of water
  • Outside coating: sustainable design thanks to zinc and PUR or epoxy coating
  • VRS®-Tiroflex connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture

What TRM offers:

  • Specially developed ranges of products for snow making systems
  • Operating pressures of up to 100 bar
  • Quick and easy to lay through secure connections
  • Filling material with a grain size of up to 100 mm
  • Highly bendable socket joints, allowing savings to be made on fittings
  • Long service life
  • Specialists with decades of experience
  • Pipes and fittings made from a single material – nodular cast iron
  • Advice during the planning stage and during laying
  • Large stock, high flexibility, short lead times
  • Certified for conformity with ISO 9001