It’s simple.

The genius of our patented joint system guarantees it.

no special assembly equipment, training or certification required. 

we can quickly train your in-house personnel to install DI pipe

minimum welding is required.

requires 38% less insertion force, resulting in faster assembly

no thrust block support needed.

angular deflection of up to 5 degrees so pipe alignment is less critical during assembly for faster installation times.

each joint can be rotated 360˚ for unexpected field conditions  

fewer fittings reduces the installation time required.


It’s long lasting.

A multi-generational lifespan.

lifespan 3 to 4 times that of steel.

the best choice where piping goes through high traffic areas, such as base villages, under roads, or any hard to access off mountain areas.

lined with a special high alumina cement, minimizing interior corrosion, and eliminating rust and loose scale which improves the environmental quality of water discharging from the system.


It’s strong.

Good under pressure.

can withstand extremely high pressures of up to 100 bars 

(1450 psig) because of the metallurgical ductility, lateral strength, patented joint design, and pipe wall thickness.


It’s sustainable.

Be a good ancestor.

since pipe and fittings make up about 40% of the cost of your snowmaking system, it only makes sense to use the very best pipe available to have a truly long lasting and sustainable system.

in addition to the extreme longevity of TRM ductile iron piping from PNP, the pipe is made from 100% recycled raw materials in a factory that recycles waste heat, purifies wastewater, mitigates sound pollution, filters and cleans its exhaust air and maintains the largest solar array in Austria to power the nearby grid. 


Peace of mind pipe dreams.

You are in good company.

Since 2006, more than 600,000 linear feet of pipe have been installed in over 100 projects at 45 North American resorts — more than half of which are repeat customers — all of whom love to talk about the virtues of the product and the expertise of our sales team, our field service and our unparalleled ongoing customer satisfaction and care.


Experience complete pipeline pain relief. 

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