• As a ski area operator for over thirty years now, both in Canada and the US, I have come to appreciate the importance of investing wisely in resort infrastructure. The economics of snowmaking and water pipe installation has been recently changed with the introduction of TRM ductile pipe from PNP. The cost of this new solution,
    one that significantly outlasts traditional steel pipe, is significantly higher than traditional pipe yet provides a solution that more and more operators are selecting. There are few product innovations that are considered game changers in our industry. Ductile iron pipe is one of them.

    Charles Blier
    Mountain Creek Resort, Vice President & General Manager
  • We have been using TRM DI pipe from PNP Supply for our snowmaking system since 2007. Its advantages include working pressures above 750 psi and a lifespan that is 3.5 times longer than steel, depending on soil corrosivity. Before we started using TRM DI pipe, we had steel pipe rust and fail after as little as 12 years, and hope never to invest time and money putting any pipe in the ground that has a shorter lifespan than TRM DI pipe.

    Harry Lynk
    Aspen Skiing Company, Aspen Mountain Snowmaking Manager
  • Over the past eight years, Squaw Valley has used lots of ductile iron pipe, and in our opinion, the TRM joggle system is the smoothest and easiest DI pipe to put together. With the soft flexible joint gasket, much less force and precision is required for assembly, and no special equipment is required. During construction, it has been easy and fast to obtain any additional required fittings.

    Mark Meyer
    Squaw Valley, Snowmaking Manager
  • This new supply pipeline was a very challenging project, and PNP Supply has been a superb partner, enabling Sunday River to complete this project on schedule and under budget. Whenever there was any issue — technical, engineering, unusual field conditions, or logistics — PNP Supply provided immediate assistance and guidance. It has been a pleasure to work with all of the staff at PNP Supply.

    Rick Kelley
    Eastern / Michigan Mountain Resorts, Boyne Resorts, COO
  • The longevity and dependability of TRM’s ductile iron pipe system has made it our first choice for replacing old steel pipe and for new installations. The initial cost of material is higher than steel, but is offset by positive benefits including ease and quickness of installation, better flow and pressure, rust- and scale-resistance inside the pipe so that no residue clogs nozzles on snowmaking machines The pipe’s strength and durability result in a much longer service life. Having this quality pipe installed adds value to the ski area.

    Timothy B. Whorl
    Roundtop Mountain Resort, Assistant Mountain Operations Manager