Turbine pipes are frequently constructed on extreme terrain. These conditions and the high operating pressures require very high-performance materials – ductile iron pipes! The connection between the pressurized pipes must be simple, absolutely watertight, safe and quick. The pipes and fittings with high peak pressure resistance from TRM are ideally suited for installation along woodland roads and in other difficult terrains, for example.

These requirements are met by the VRS®-T-connections, which have proven their worth millions of times over, as well as by the TYTON® connection. They enable work to progress quickly and safely – narrow trench excavations, bend capability, can be laid in bad weather, fast re-cultivation. The excellent strength properties and the tension and thrust-proofness of our ductile cast iron pipes guarantee that power station pipes will continue to work without any problems for generations.

The unique TRM socket joint system also enables the turbines to be put into operation quickly without the need for welding and weld seam checks.

Electricity from hydropower is clean energy!

TRM’s pipeline systems stand out for the following properties, among other things:

  • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
  • Inside lining: guaranteed, germ-free transport of drinking water
  • Outside coating: sustainable design thanks to zinc, PUR, epoxy and other coatings
  • VRS®-Tiroflex connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture

What TRM offers:

  • Approved for a traffic load of SLW 60 – no ovalization!
  • Pipe system for operating pressures of more than 100 bar
  • Optimum safety due to products tested under pressure
  • Quick to lay irrespective of weather – no need for welding
  • Refined range of products – pipes and fittings up to DN 1000
  • Can be bent up to 5° – savings on time and fittings
  • Optimum corrosion protection thanks to durable coating systems
  • Lasts for over 50 years
  • Well-stocked range of fittings and pipes
  • Short lead times
  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of cast-iron pipes
  • Product quality monitored to EN standards; member of various quality-assurance associations
  • Consultancy during the planning stage and training in laying by experts
  • Technically and economically the most efficient pipe system on the market