Trenchless construction methods offer ecological and economic advantages when it comes to inner-city projects or culvert construction in rivers. Ductile iron pipes are easy to install using common trenchless installation methods, such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD)/wash drilling, ploughing in with a rocket plough, press-pull technique, auxiliary pipe method, burst lining or pipe relining, and also offer outstanding reliability thanks to the tried-and-tested restraint VRS®-TIROFLEX It eases the burden on people and the environment, and the potential for cost efficiency in the laying of the pipes is maximized.

The VRS®-T/BLS connection represents the current valid standard for ductile iron pipes in configurations seeking to combine as much flexibility as possible in the socket with optimized tensile strength and, at the same time, the utmost in simplicity and speed in assembly. In addition to the types of connections, it was also necessary to adapt the exterior protection to satisfy the high requirements for trenchless installation procedures. The result: the plastic-modified cement mortar coating (ZMU).

These two developments, the VRS®-T/BLS connection and the cement mortar coating (ZMU), laid the foundations for the success story that continues to be written by the ductile iron pipe from Tiroler Rohre GmbH in the area of trenchless laying technology.

TRM’s pipe systems stand out for the following properties, among other things:

  • Nature of the system: all from one casting, pipes and fittings
  • Inside lining: guaranteed, germ-free transport of drinking water
  • Outside coating: cement mortar coating for trenchless laying
  • VRS®-Tiroflex connection: restraint connection, unique worldwide in terms of its flexibility, robustness and resistance to pressure and fracture.

What TRM offers:

  • Optimum tensile strength
  • Radii of 70 m or more
  • Few impediments to traffic, less noise and reduced impact on the environment
  • Specialists with decades of experience
  • Specially developed ranges of products for trenchless construction
  • Pipes and fittings made from a single material – nodular cast iron
  • Advice during the planning stage and during laying
  • Large stock, high flexibility, short lead times
  • Optimum safety due to products tested under pressure
  • Optimum corrosion protection thanks to durable coating systems
  • Lasts for over 50 years
  • Technically and economically the most efficient pipe system on the market